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My Place X

Harnessing the power of BlockChain Technology to create a Global Physical Address and Identification System.


Starts: 2 Dec 2018 @ 23:59 UTC
Ends: 20 Dec 2018 @ 23:59 UTC
  • 32Days
  • 08Hours
  • 08Mins
  • 17secs

We accept only Ethereum as an ERC20 Token.
Total token supply available for PHASE 0 is
20 000 000 (2%, Soft) 30 000 000 (3%, Hard).


More than half of the world's populations have no physical address. This is something we, in the developed parts of the world, take for granted and spend very little time thinking about.
But, if you think about it, why is it so imprtant? If there is a medical emergency, where do you tell the ambulance to go? If you buy a cellphone, do you have to give proof of address? If you open a bank account, do you have to provide proof of address? If you order something online, where do they deliver the parcel? If you register a business, what address to you put on the form? If you have a business, where are your orders delivered to? How do you send out invoices with no address?
The above is just some of the examples that these people can not do, because they have no way of indicating or providing proof that they reside at a certain location.

My Place X provides that solution using Blockchain technology.


The My Place X system makes use of 3 important technologies; smartphone technology, GPS and Blockchain technology. We will be implementing a type of blockchain that effectively is an unmutable distributed relational database.

The user records the GPS co-ordinates using his smartphone. Since the accuracy of smartphone GPS is 6 m at best, the user also takes a photo of the residence. All this information, together with more traditional information, e.g. ID photo, name, surname, traditional address information (if available), is recorded and encrypted using the user’s private keys. More elaborate information, such KYC, ID number, etc are stored at a later date and linked to the original information block.

When the user wants to retrieve the information, he submits to the network a list of the information fields he wants to provide to the end user, the network nodes and servers validate his request, they retrieve the information from the main blockchain and store the encrypted information on a sidechain for only a limited time period. The end user can then retrieve that information from the network within that time period and decrypt it using the users public key. The transaction is considered to be completed.

(Naturally it is a lot more complicated, but is does explain the basic principles of the system)

The My Place X system will accept existing cryptocoins to pay for the transaction fees.

The MPXT tokens are purely there to determine the Proof of Stake. A wallet will be provided to trade these tokens.

An Informal Settlement in South Africa

A Rural Area in Lesotho

An Informal Settlement in South Africa

An Informal Settlement in Mumbai

A Business

The system needs nodes and servers, distributed across the globe, to run the system. You can provide that.

A substantial income can be earned from providing that service and therefor it is a unique opportunity for the people that run these nodes and servers.

How about helping My Place X to help these people?

A Charity

More than half of the worlds population do not have a proper identifiable address and that excludes them from the more developed society.

Run a node and server and give them dignity and respect by acknowledging their existance.

Help us increase adoption and welcome these people into our society.

An Opportunity

You do not have to be a mega company or investor to run a node and server. Income is directly proportional to the amount of tokens owned.

The system requires a lot of other supplementary services, e.g. GPS pin-pointing, ID Photos, technical assistance, etc.

Come and join us, and help the forgotten people become part of the rest of the world.


The stated objective of all governments is to alleviate poverty and to ensure all citizens are a comprehensively part of that country’s society.

My Place X does this by providing an identification and address system to each citizen and thus allow them to be counted, giving them dignity and respect.

Join us in helping your citizens ...


My Place X will only issue one type Token for sale, the MPXT Token. The function of this token is to determine the Investor‘s “Proof of Stake”. The “Stake” by the Investor is directly proportional to the “Return of Investment” the Investor can realise. We see the cost of the total amount of MPXT Tokens owned by the Investor, as a licence “fee” to run the software and to be able to earn a fee. The higher the cost of the “Stake” the Investor paid for, the more transactions his/her nodes and servers will proses and the more the Investor will earn in Transaction Fees. A minimum quantity of 10 000 MPXT tokens are required to be eligible to run a node and server. The total number of nodes and servers processing transaction is not limited as it currently is in other existing Crypto Systems.

The transaction fees in the network will be based on one or several available and stable cryptocurrency coins, to be selected at a later date.

MPXT Tokens will only be listed, for trading, on an exchange in December 2020. We are looking for long term committed investors that will walk the road with us ......

We believe in Cryptocurrencies and therefor we only accept the Ethereum currency. Therefor we have pegged the price of our token to an Ethereum Coin.
Our Ethereum Smart Contract Address is:
Maximum MPXT:
1 000 000 000 MPXT

Pre (Phase 0) ICO

Soft Cap MPXT:
20 000 000 MPXT
Hard Cap MPXT:
30 000 000 MPXT
Minimum Price:
0.00025 ETH
Start Date:
24 Nov 2018 @ 23:59 UTC
End Date:
15 Dec 2018 @ 23:59 UTC

Main ICO

Initial MPXT Offer for 1 Week:
100 000 000 MPXT
300 Daily Offers of MPXT:
2 000 000 MPXT
Minimum Price:
0.0005 ETH
Start Date:
January 2020



  • Research & Development-82%
  • Marketing-5%
  • Administrative-10%
  • Reserve-3%


  • Phase 0 - ICO-2%
  • Reserve-98%


Conceptual Design
April - October 2018
October - November 2018
Phase 0 ICO
December 2018
Main (10 Month) ICO
January 2020
Launch of Blockchain, Wallet, Nodes & Android APP V1.0
January 2020
Launch IOS APP & Vers 1.5
August 2020
List on Exchanges
December 2020
Launch All Software Vers 2.0
July 2021
Release Control & Open Source Software V 3.0
December 2021


The Core Team that will make My Place X happen.


Detlef Romatzki

Founder, Software Developer & CEO

Entrepreneur, Business Manager, Software Developer and IT Specialist, Researcher, Engineer, My Place X Algorithm and System Developer, Engineer.

Master Degree in Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Registered Engineer with Engineering Council of South Africa


Stefan Meyer

Software Developer

Entrepreneur, Business Manager, System Designer, Software Developer, Engineer.

Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.


Louis Botha

Project Engineer, Advisor

Entrepeneur, Business Manager, Project Engineer, Advisor

Master Degree in Project Engineering from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.
International Patent Holder


Arlene Smit

Marketing and Adoption

Arlene has more than 15 years experience in Marketing & Sales.

Token Symbol: MPXT

Ethereum Contract Address:


Contract source code:


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